Janet's Angels & Mosaics

Simone - 13 1/2 x 16 1/2

Fine Art Mosaics in both ancient and contemporary styles utilizing the same traditional tools, materials and techniques of the 4th & 5th Century A.D. Each piece is an original creation to "capture the light" of color by Janet L. Anderson. Janet works predominantly in Venetian Glass Smalti, 24k Gold Smalti and Natural Marble. We hope you will enjoy the magic of these artworks, and possibly, catch their spirit!

Regatta Day in St. Tropez - 16 1/2 x 20 1/2

                                                          About the Art

Byzantine Mosaics were used predominantly to decorate churches from the 4th Century onward. The artists used unevenly cut glass tesserae placed at different angles so that the light – whether daylight or candlelight – would reflect off of them onto the viewer. “The beauty and ever-changing dimension of the materials is a primary reason that I chose the art of mosaics to communicate my passion for life. They possess a special magnetism which allows the mosaic to come alive in a unique manner.”

Preserving the traditional methods, materials are cut by hand with a hammer and small anvil (hardie) mounted in wood for stability. The tesserae are placed in a moist bed of lime putty on which an outline has been traced. Then the mosaic is “lifted” and given a permanent home in concrete. This method is very labor intensive; however, the results speak for themselves.